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We are a Surrey based group though several of our members live in East Anglia.

We meet regularly on a Tuesady night from 8.00pm at the Willoughby Arms pub, Willoughby Road , Kingston. Recently several of our members have joined the Medieval Siege Society whose shows we have often been attending over the years.

We also regularly take part in the big medieval bash at Tewsbury .

The Rules
All new members must pass the initiation test

  1. Order a Babysham from a bar and state their re-enactment name. (Silly is compulsory)
  2. Drink a pint with a double in it in under a minute
  3. Eat 3 Jacobs cream crackers without water in under a minute. (Any one carrying out this last initiation is liable to be thrown out of the group as this is not meant to be done)
  4. All other group members present get to decide before a new member joins.

The group has few if any rules except that there are no rules.(Except this one)
The group suffers little from politics that often effect other reenactment groups. It is up to individuals to get other Troupe members to go to a show with them.
The Captain is elected on the day and is either the most enthusiastic/least enthusiastic or the member who last did the most stupid thing.
Survival on the battlefield is of importance to most members and running away is not frowned on and on many occasions has been actively encouraged.
Changing sides is another valid tactic so keep an eye on the standard.
It is not a usual group policy to kill your friends, this only being reserved for a captain who has failed us badly. (He knows who he was).

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