Naval Actions and losses 1940

January 1940
Finnish escort vessel Aura II lost when her own depth charge exploded in a thrower. The icebreaker Tarmo was bombed and damaged by Soviet planes while in Kotka harbour.

January 20, 1940
HMS Grenville mined North Sea.

January 30, 1940
U-55 sunk in the western approaches by two escorts and a Sunderland flying boat.

January 31, 1940
U-15 sunk North Sea after accidentally rammed by German torpedo boat Llits.

February 1, 1940
U-15 sunk North Sea after accidentally rammed in the Baltic by German torpedo boat Ilits.(Tarrant)

February 5, 1940
U-41 depth charged by HMS Antelope south of Ireland.

February 8, 1940
HMS Darling sunk by U-boat North Sea.

February 12, 1940
U-33 depth charged Firth of Clyde by minesweeper HMS Gleaner.(Tarrant)

February 16, 1940
Norwegian neutrality breached by HMS Cossack which boards German supply ships Altmark rescuing British prisoners.

February 18, 1940
D class destroyer HMS Daring sunk North Sea by U-23.

February 21, 1940
E class destroyer HMS Exmouth lost.
U-53 depth charged north Atlantic by French destroyer Fantasque. See also 23 February.

February 20, 1940
U-54 lost. (see also 12 April)

February 22, 1940
Evading German planes German Z3 Max Schultz lost with all hands after colliding with a British minefield. Another ship the Z1 lost in the same minefield.

February 23, 1940
U-53 lost. (see also 21 February)

February 25, 1940
U-63 scuttled after being run down by destroyers HMS Escort, HMS Imogen and HMS Inglefield and the submarine HMS Narwhal.

March 2, 1940
K class destroyer HMS Kelly collided with another destroyer and required repairs.

March 11, 1940
U-31 destroyed by bomber command in Heligoland Bight.

March 13, 1940
u-44 lost. (see also 20 March.)

March 20, 1940
U-44 depth charged by HMS Fortune south west of Narvik.

April 6, 1940
U-1 missing North Sea.
U-50 lost. (see also 29 April)

Norwegian campaign

April 8, 1940
German transport Rio De Janeiro sunk by submarine Orzel.
G class destroyer HMS Gloworm lost in action against the Hipper. The British destroyer rammed the Hipper before sinking.
Tribal class destroyer HMS Gurkha damaged in an air attack, later foundered.

April 9, 1940
Norwegian ship Norge torpedoed at Narvik by German destroyers
Norwegian ship Eidsvold torpedoed at Narvik by German destroyers
Norwegian Submarine B1 scuttled but later raised and used to escape Norwegian personnel to Britain.
German cruiser Blucher sunk in the Oskarsborg Narrows. The Lützow and the Brummer damaged.
German cruiser Karlsruhe permanently put out of action by the British submarine Truant off Christiansand.
U-1 went missing around Stavanger April 9-16
German ship Königsberg damaged during the attack on Bergen sunk by RN Skuas 10 April

First battle of Narvik 2 German destroyers sunk and a further 2 seriously damaged. Eight merchantmen and the ammunition ship Raunfels also sunk. Two British destroyers sunk in return.
April 10 two British destroyers lost, the Hunter sunk and the Hardy run aground in the first battle of Narvik, two other destroyers badly damaged.

April 11, 1940
German cruiser Lützow damaged by torpedo from British submarine HMS Spearfish. Lützow out of action for a year.

April 12, 1940
U-54 torpedoed by HMS Salmon. (Tarrant) (see also 20 February.)

April 13, 1940
April 13 and 14 two submarines lost around Narvik and Harstad one U-64 sunk April 13 by a float plane from Warspite the other U-49 sunk by Warspite's escorts 14 April.
Second battle of Narvik all 8 German destroyers wiped out.
The lost destroyers were the Z2 George Thiele, Z9 Wolfgang Zenker, Z11 Bernd von Arnim, Z12 Erich Giese, Z13 Erich Koeller, Z17 Diether von Roeder, Z18 Hans Lumann, Z19 Herman Kunne, Z21 Anton Schmitt, and Z22 Wilhelm Heidkamp.
Destroyer Eskimo loses her bow in the second battle of Narvik.
U-64 bombed by planes around Narvik. (Tarrant)
Narvik campaign

April 15, 1940
U-49 depth charged by HMS Fearless Vaagsofiord.

April 16, 1940
U-1 torpedoed by HMS Porpoise south west of Stavanger. (Tarrant) (see also 6 April)

April 17, 1940
Heavy cruiser Suffolk badly damaged after shelling Sola airfield.

April 19, 1940
French cruiser Emile Bertin withdrawn after receiving a hit from a German bomb.

April 25, 1940
U-22 mined Skagerrak.

April 29, 1940
German torpedo boat Leopard lost after colliding with the Minelayer Preussen.
U-50 depth charged north of Shetlands by HMS Amazon and HMS Witherington. (Tarrant) (see also 6 April)

British losses in Norway in April 1940

Sloop Bittern

April 30, 1940
French destroyer Maillé Brézé sinks at Greenock after an accident.

British losses in Norway in May 1940

The Tribal class destroyer HMS Afridi, and the French super destroyer Bison lost in air attacks 2/3 May. Afridi lost off Namsos.
Polish destroyer Grom lost 5 May.
HMS Effingham a Hawkins class Cruiser wrecked off Norway and sunk by the Royal Navy May 18.
May 26, 1940 light anti aircraft cruiser Curlew sunk off Harstad.
Destroyer HMS Jaguar bombed during evacuations in late May.

May 7, 1940
HMS Kelly torpedoed, eventually towed into port

Sub losses off Norway
April     Thistle, Tarpon, Startlet
May      Seal, Orzel(Po)
July       Narwhal, Salmon
August  Spearfish

Thistle was sunk by U-4 on April 10. Tarpon lost 14 April, Seal mined May 4, captured by a German plane and trawler, Salmon was lost between 4-7 July. Narwhal lost between 22-28 July, Spearfish was sunk by U-34 August 1, though was not reported missing for several days. Thames was a river class submarine.

May 15, 1940
HMS Valentine beached Scheldt after aircraft attack.

May 18, 1940
HMS Effingham sunk after stranding.

May 19, 1940
Admiralty W class destroyer Whitely bombed and beached off Nieuport.

May 24, 1940
Admiralty W class destroyer Wessex sunk by aircraft near Calais.

Channel May 26, 1940
Six British and seven French destroyers lost during evacuations from France.
A force of 41 British destroyers under Vice Admiral Ramsay were used in the evacuation along with a large number of smaller ships.
C class AA cruiser HMS Curlew sunk by air attack.
Boom defence vessel Loch Shin lost Hartad Norway,

May 29, 1940
Admiralty W class destroyer Wakeful sunk by E-boat off Nieuport.
HMS Grenade sunk by aircraft off Dunkirk.
HMS Grafton sunk by E-boat off Dunkirk.

May 30, 1940
Boom defence vessel Cambrian mined Spithead.

May 31, 1940
U-13 depth charged North Sea by Sloop HMS Weston.

June, 1940
Indian Sloop Pathan sunk by Italian submarine PC74.
0.13(Du) lost.

June 1, 1940
B class destroyer HMS Basilisk sunk by aircraft off the coast of Dunkirk.
B class destroyer HMS Keith lost.
H class destroyer HMS Havant attacked by aircraft off Dunkirk.
Locust class river gunboat HMS Mosquito lost to aircraft off Dunkirk.
Halcyon class minesweeper HMS Skipjack lost to aircraft off Dunkirk.

June 6, 1940
Auxiliary merchant cruiser Carinthia torpedoed, sunk on the 7 June.
HMS Havant attacked off Dunkirk

June 8, 1940
A class destroyers Ardent, and Acasta and the carrier Glorius sunk by German naval gunfire in action with the Scharnhorst and Gneisenau.

June 12, 1940
C class Cruiser HMS Calypso torpedoed and sunk by the Italian submarine Bagnolini.
Auxiliary merchant cruiser Scotstoun torpedoed and sunk.
Tobruk bombarded by a British naval force of two cruisers.

Five Italian submarines lost in mid June after Italy declared war.

June 13, 1940
British aircraft unsuccessfully attacked Scharnhorst at Trondheim.
O class submarine HMS Odin lost.

June 15, 1940
Auxiliary cruiser Andania torpedoed, sunk 16 June.

June 19, 1940
W class destroyer Whitely attacked by German aircraft and beached near Nieuport.

June 21, 1940
U-122 lost North Sea. (June 22 date in Tarrant.)

June 23, 1940
Destroyer HMS Khartoum lost in action with the Italian submarine Terricelli in the Red Sea

June 24, 1940
Porpoise class submarine HMS Grampus sunk off Syracuse by Italian escorts Circe and Polluce.

June 27, 1940
Italian destroyer Espero sunk by British cruisers.
HMS Orpheus an O class submarine sunk by Italian destroyer off Tobruk.

June 28, 1940
C class destroyer HMCS Fraser(ex Crescent)sank after collision with HMS Calcutta in the river Gironde.
Italian destroyer Espero is sunk Cape Maapan off Bengasi by Australian cruiser HMAS Sydney.

July Sub losses Shark, Salmon, Thames, Narwhal

July 1, 1940
U-26 lost. (see also 3 July).
U-102 lost. (see also 21 August)

July 3, 1940
U-26 a type 1A Uboat sunk south-west of Bishop rock by Corvette HMS Gladiolus and aircraft of no 10 squadron RAAF.

July 5, 1940
Admiralty W class destroyer HMS Whirlwind sunk in the western approaches by U-34.

The British force H that attacked the French fleet at Mers-el-Kebir
HMS Hood
HMS Ark Royal
HMS Resolution(BB) not part of the second force.
HMS Valiant(BB)
HMS Arethusa(Cruiser)
HMS Enterprise(Cruiser)
8th Destroyer flotilla
13th Destroyer flotilla
Submarines Proteus and Pandora
Named destroyers of the first attack on Mers-el-Kebir; Foresight, Forester, Foxhound, Wrestler
Second destroyer force; Foxhound, Fearless, Forester, Escort, Wishart, Vortigern, Vidette, Active and Versatile.

The French Fleet at Mers-el-Kebir
Battleships Strasborg, Dunkerque, Bretagne and Provence.
seaplane Carrier Commandant Teste
Destroyers Mogador, Volta, Terible, Lynx, Tigre and Kersaint.

The Strasborg along with 5 destroyers escaped and was joined by more destroyers from Oran(including La Poursuivante).

French losses July 3-6 1940
Bretagne hit in the stern and set on fire by British naval fire. She sunk taking with her over 800 of her crew.
Provence was hit and put out of action after she slipped her moorings.
Dunkerque hit, put out of action and beached, she was then sunk by her French crew. The British came back a few days later to finish her off because they believed the earlier damage was only minor.
Mogador lost her stern when a hit ignited her depth charges, she was beached due to effective damage control.
Rigault de Genouilly a French Light Cruiser which joined Strasborg turned back to Oran and was sunk the following day by the submarine HMS Pandora.
Terre Neuve an Ocean going trawler adapted as a subdestroyer blown out of the water, while taking off crew from Dunkerque.

July 7-8, 1940 raid on Dakar
Aircraft from the carrier HMS Hermes attacked French warships in the port of Dakar damaging the battleship Richelieu.

July 8, 1940
E class destroyer HMS Escort damaged lost 11/7/40.

July 12, 1940
Cruiser HMS Gloucester damaged in an air attack.

July 16, 1940
I class destroyer HMS Imogen sunk after colliding in the fog with HMS Glasgow.

July 17, 1940
P class submarine HMS Phoenix lost.

July 18/19, 1940
The Italian light cruiser Bartolomeo Colleoni sunk by the Australian cruiser HMAS Sydney.

July 20, 1940
Italian destroyers Ostro and Nembo sunk by British planes in Tobruk harbour.
B class destroyer HMS Brazen lost.

July 27, 1940
HMS Wren a W class destroyer sunk by aircraft off the east coast of Aldeburgh..
A class destroyer HMS Codrington lost.

July 29, 1940 D class destroyer HMS Diamond lost.

August 1940
Italian submarine Iride torpedoed and sunk by a bomber.

August 1, 1940
Submarine HMS Oswald lost off Cape Spartvento when rammed by Italian destroyer Ugolino Vivaldi.
U-25 mined north of Terschelling.

August 2, 1940
HMS Spearfish sunk by U-34.

August 3, 1940
U-25 mined north of Terschelling.(Tarrant)(see also August 1).

August 9, 1940
Auxiliary merchant cruiser Transylvania torpedoed, sunk 10 August.

August 16, 1940
U-51 damaged by coastal command aircraft.

August 20, 1940
U-51 sunk Bay of Biscay by the submarine Cachalot.

August 21, 1940
U-102 lost North Sea. (Tarrant) (see also 1 July)

August 23, 1940
Destroyer HMS Hostile mined off Malta.

August 24, 1940
Destroyer HMS Acheron damaged in a bombing attack on Portsmouth.
HMS Penzance a Hastings class sloop sunk by U-boat in the North Atlantic.

August 28, 1940
Auxiliary merchant cruiser Dunvegan Castle torpedoed and sunk off the Irish coast.

August 31, 1940
I class destroyer HMS Ivanhoe sunk.
E class destroyer HMS Esk mined lost 1/9/01.

September 1, 1940
HMS Ivanhoe struck a mine and sank in the mouth of the River Texel.

September 1940

Italian submarine Gondar taken by British vessels including two destroyers a corvette and a Sunderland flying boat.

September 3, 1940
U-57 rammed at Brunsbüttel by SS Rona and lost

September 13, 1940
Italian destroyer Aquilone mined and the destroyer Boreaa damaged by torpedo though later salvaged.

Mid September 1940
Cruiser HMS Kent damaged by a torpedo drpped by a bomber and towed into Alexandria 19th September.

Dakar landing September 23, 1940
Vichy submarine Persée damaged by HMS Barham sunk by depth charge.
Two destroyers HMS Foresight and HMS Inglefield and the heavy cruiser HMS Cumberland damaged.
Vichy destroyer L'Audacieux pulverised and beached the next day.

September 24, 1940
Vichy sub Ajax sunk off Dakar by destroyer HMS Fortune.

September 25, 1940
Battleship HMS Resolution torpedoed and put out of action for a year by Vichy submarine Beveziers.

October 10, 1940
HMS Venetia mined Thames.

October 12, 1940
Airone and Ariel of the Italian first torpedo boat flotilla sunk by the cruiser HMS Ajax.
The Italian destroyer/torpedo boat Artigliere damaged by HMS Ajax then sunk by the cruiser HMS York.

October 13, 1940
The cruiser HMS Liverpool hit and badly damaged

October 14, 1940
Auxiliary merchant cruiser Cheshire torpedoed, beached 15 October near Belfast.

October 18, 1940
H49 an H class submarine sunk Terschelling??

October 22, 1940
Canadian D class destroyer Margaree ex HMS Diana lost in collision North Atlantic.

October 30, 1940
HMS Sturdy an Admiralty S class destroyer lost in bad weather off the Island of Tiree, West Scotland.
U-32 (Jenisch) sunk by destroyers HMS Harvester and HMS Highlander north west of Ireland.

November 1940
U-560 lost in collision off Memel.

November 2, 1940
U-31 depth charged by HMS Antelope north west of Ireland.

November 3, 1940
Armed merchant cruiser Laurentic torpedoed and sunk.
Armed merchant cruiser Patroclus torpedoed.

November 5, 1940
Armed merchant cruiser HMS Jervis Bay sunk by German pocket battleship Admiral Scheer.

Italian losses Taranto 12/11/1940
Littorio sunk by torpedo bomber.
Duilio sunk by torpedo bomber.
Cavour sunk by torpedo bomber.
All three were subsequenlty raised and returned to service, Cavour being sunk and raised twice more.

November 21, 1940
U-104 depth charged south of Rockall by corvette HMS Rhododendron. (Tarrant) (see also 28 Nov).

November 24, 1940
Gem class trawler HMS Amethyst mined Thames estuary.

November 25, 1940
Destroyer HMS Javelin of the 5th destroyer flotilla torpedoed by German destroyers Richard Beitzen, Lody and Galster in the Channel.

November 27, 1940
Italian destroyer Lanciere and British cruiser Berwick damaged in an engagement southwest of Sardinia.

November 28, 1940
U-104 lost. (see also 21 Nov)

December5, 1940
Italian torpedo boat Calipso sinks after hitting a mine near Tripoli.

December 8, 1940
A class destroyer Acheron mined in the English Channel. (12/12/40)

December 13, 1940
The anti aircraft cruiser HMS Coventry torpedoed by the Italian submarine Naiade off the coast of Bardia.

December 14, 1940
French Pomone class destroyer Brandelbras lost in bad weather.

December 15, 1940
HMS Cameron sunk by aircraft Portsmouth.

December 17, 1940
A class destroyer Acheron mined off the Isle of Wight.

December 22, 1940
Destroyer HMS Hyperion struck a mine and was torpedoed by the destroyer HMS Janus.

December 23, 1940
Italian torpedo boat Fratelli Cairoli sinks after hitting a mine off the coast of Tripoli.

H class submarine H-49 lost 1940.
British escorts Dundee and Penzance torpedoed by a U-boats (Lenton).

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